MUS 470 and MUS 470L - DigiPen - Fall 2021

Available Content:

Final Exam (presentations) TBA
Description of Final Presentations (pdf).

MUS 470 Syllabus (pdf).
MUS 470L Syllabus (pdf).

Project Spec Assignment (pdf).
Homework Assignment 1 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 2 (pdf).
Lab Assignment 1 (pdf).

Insult Vocal Sample (wav)
More Insult Fragments (dir)
Piano 88 keys Sample (wav)

Mixing thesis Learning to mix with neural audio effects in the waveform domain
B-spline Modeling (pdf).
B-spline code (dir)
JUCE signal graphing: project (zip)
Spline Modeling Research (Klassen - 2002) (dir)

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Matt Klassen