MCM 2019: (Mathematics and Computation in Music, Madrid, June 2019)

Matt Klassen: Constraint-Based Systems of Triads and Seventh Chords, and Parsimonious Voice-Leading

MCM 2022: (Mathematics and Computation in Music, Atlanta, June 2022)

Matt Klassen: Spline modeling of audio signals and cycle interpolation

Short Videos of the spline modeling software:
1. Zero Crossings and Cycle Shading (1:06)
2. B-spline Interpolation of One Cycle (1:32)
3. The Basic Spline Model for an Audio Sample (1:14)
4. Regular Cycle Interpolation and Singularities (1:23)

MCM 22 Slides

SMC 2022: (Sound and Music Computing, Saint-Etienne, France, June 2022)

Matt Klassen and Paul Lanthier: Design of timbre with cellular automata and B-spline interpolation
related paper by Paul Lanthier: Multi-dimensional action of cellular automata on music sequences
short video: SMC Presentation Video

SIGMAP 2022: (Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2022)

Matt Klassen: Spline models and Level of Detail for Audio
Paper Citation: Klassen, M. (2022). Spline Modeling and Level of Detail for Audio. In Proceedings of the
19th International Conference on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications,
ISBN 978-989-758-591-3, ISSN 2184-9471, pages 94-101.
Instrument Model Audio Samples
software demo video: SIGMAP demo video

Matt Klassen