MAT 364/564 - DigiPen - Fall 2018

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Quiz 0: Wednesday, Sep 5
Quiz 1: Wednesday, Sep 12
Quiz 2: Monday, Oct 1
Quiz 3: Wednesday, November 7
Quiz 4: Monday, November 19
Midterm Exam: Wednesday, Oct 18
Final Exam: TBA
Bring one sheet of formulas, 2-sided, to both exams.

MAT 364 Syllabus (pdf).
MAT 564 Syllabus (pdf).

Copy of Chapter 1 problems .

Homework Assignment 1 (text).
Homework Assignment 2 (text).
Homework Assignment 3 (text).
Homework Assignment 4 (text).
Extra Credit Assignment (pdf).
Homework Assignment 5 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 6 (pdf).

All homework is due in the homework slot by closing on the due date.

Amazons Project

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