MAT258 - DigiPen - Summer 2021.

Available Content:

Quiz 2: Friday, June 4 (covers lecture material through Wed, June 2)

Quiz link: (perl script)

Midterm Exam ID assignments and pdfs (will be posted just before exam)
Please work the quiz on your own, and submit your answers with the quiz link by 1:15 pm.
Also, please submit your scratch work on Moodle by 2pm.

MAT 258 syllabus (pdf).

Office Hours: W,F 10-11

Homework assignments (text).
Homework 1 solutions (pdf).
Homework 5 is extended to Friday, June 18.
Please scan (pdf preferred) and turn in all homework on Moodle.

All homework is due on Moodle by midnight on the due date.
Homework Late Penalty: 10% per day.
Homework 1 scores out of 10 are on Moodle. (Please ignore Moodle's grading, this will not be used.)

Seven Letter Word list (text).
Scrabble Letter Frequency as string (text).
Scrabble Probability Project (pdf).

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