MAT 120 - DigiPen - Fall 2020

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MAT120 syllabus (pdf).

Quiz Link

Quiz 1: Thursday, September 10
Quiz 2: Tuesday, October 6
Midterm Exam ID assignments and pdfs
Midterm Exam: Tuesday, October 20
Final Exam: date TBA
Bring two sheets of notes, 2-sided, calculators OK, for each exam

Supplementary Lecture Notes

Homework Assignment 1 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 2 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 3 (pdf).

HW1 points subtracted per problem:
(Each part worth 0.5 points, except last three, each worth 1 point.)
Homework 1 Details (txt).
HW2 points subtracted per problem:
(Parts: 1a,1b,1c,1d,2,3.)
Homework 2 Details (txt).
HW3 points per problem:
(Parts: 1 and 2: 3 points each, 3: 4 points.)
Homework 3 Details (txt).

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Quiz 1 Answers
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Quiz 2 Answers
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Midterm Exam Answers

Project-related files: Pd and other files (directory).

Project 1 due date extended to Tuesday, September 29.
Pd Project 1 (pdf).
Project 2 due date extended to Thursday, October 29.
Pd Project 2 (pdf).
Pd Project 3 (pdf).
Pd Extra Credit Project (pdf).
Pd loop sample (pd).

All homework is due in the homework collection box by closing on the due date.
Homework Late Penalty: 5% per day, until HW is returned to class.

SciLab example of sum of two sine functions (download and execute with SciLab).

Note: If you do not see your PIN in class participation scores, please email me with a PIN.

Check your participation scores.
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Check your quiz scores.
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Check your project comments .
Check your midterm exam scores.
Check your final exam scores.

PARI resources: PARI

Pd resources:
Programming Electronic Music in Pd by Johannes Kreidler
The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music by Miller Puckette
Pd Convention 2004 - various authors
Floss Manual for Pure Data

Matt Klassen