MAT 120 - DigiPen - Fall 2018

Available Content:

MAT120 syllabus (pdf).

Quiz 1: Wednesday, September 19
Quiz 2: Friday, October 5
Quiz 3: Wednesday, November 7
Quiz 4: Friday, November 16

Midterm Exam: Wednesday, October 17, and Friday, October 19
Bring one sheet of notes, 2-sided, calculators OK

Final Exam: date TBA
Bring two sheets of notes, 2-sided, calculators OK

Supplementary Lecture Notes

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Homework Assignment 1 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 2 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 3 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 4 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 5 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 6 (pdf).

Project-related files: Pd and other files (directory).

Pd Project 1 (pdf).
Pd Project 2 (pdf).
Pd Project 3 (pdf).
Pd Extra Credit Project (pdf).
Pd loop sample (pd).

All homework is due in the homework collection box by closing on the due date.
Homework Late Penalty: 5% per day, until HW is returned to class.

SciLab example of sum of two sine functions (download and execute with SciLab).

Check your homework scores.
Check your quiz scores.
Check your project scores.
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Check your final exam scores.

PARI resources: PARI

Pd resources:
Programming Electronic Music in Pd by Johannes Kreidler
The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music by Miller Puckette
Pd Convention 2004 - various authors
Floss Manual for Pure Data

Matt Klassen