MAT 120 - DigiPen - Fall 2020

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MAT120 syllabus (pdf).

Quiz Link

Quiz 4 and Final Exam Practice Questions

Quiz 1: Thursday, September 10
Quiz 2: Tuesday, October 6
Quiz 3: Tuesday, November 8
Quiz 4: Tuesday, December 1
Midterm Exam: Tuesday, October 20
Final Exam: Tuesday, 12/8 at 9am
Final Exam ID assignments and pdfs
Final Exam answers submission due by noon, Tuesday Dec.8
Final Exam scratchwork submission due by 1:00 pm, Tuesday Dec.8
Bring two sheets of notes, 2-sided, calculators OK, for each exam

Supplementary Lecture Notes

Homework Assignment 1 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 2 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 3 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 4 (pdf).
Homework assignments 5 and 6 are extra credit, so can substitute for a previous homework score.
These are both now due on Thursday, Dec.3
Homework Assignment 5 (pdf).
Homework Assignment 6 (pdf).

HW1 points subtracted per problem:
(Each part worth 0.5 points, except last three, each worth 1 point.)
Homework 1 Details (txt).
HW2 points subtracted per problem:
(Parts: 1a,1b,1c,1d,2,3.)
Homework 2 Details (txt).
HW3 points per problem:
(Parts: 1 and 2: 3 points each, 3: 4 points.)
Homework 3 Details (txt).

Check your Quiz 1 data
Quiz 1 Answers
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Quiz 2 Answers
Check your Midterm Exam data
Midterm Exam Answers
Check your Quiz 3 data
Quiz 3 Answers
Check your Quiz 4 data
Quiz 4 Answers

Project-related files: Pd and other files (directory).

Project 1 due date extended to Tuesday, September 29.
Pd Project 1 (pdf).
Project 2 due date extended to Tuesday, November 3.
Pd Project 2 (pdf).
Project 3 due date extended to Tuesday, November 24.
Pd Project 3 (pdf).
Note: The Pd patches discussed in class on Tuesday Nov 16 are now in here
Pd Extra Credit Project (pdf).
Pd loop sample (pd).

All homework is due in the homework collection box by closing on the due date.
Homework Late Penalty: 5% per day, until HW is returned to class.

SciLab example of sum of two sine functions (download and execute with SciLab).

Note: If you do not see your PIN in class participation scores, please email me with a PIN.

Check your participation scores.
Check your homework scores.
Check your quiz scores.
Check your project scores.
Check your project comments .
Check your midterm exam scores.
Check your final exam scores.

PARI resources: PARI

Pd resources:
Programming Electronic Music in Pd by Johannes Kreidler
The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music by Miller Puckette
Pd Convention 2004 - various authors
Floss Manual for Pure Data

Matt Klassen