MAT 399/599 - DigiPen - Spring 2018

Available Content:

MAT399 syllabus (pdf).
MAT599 syllabus (pdf).

Course Projects:
Project 1 (pdf)
Project 2 (pdf)
Project 3 (pdf)
Lab 1 (pdf)
Lab 2 (pdf)
Lab 3 (pdf)

Other resources:

Michael Berg's slides: Does Spatialized Audio Change Everything?
Osgood lecture notes: The Fourier Transform
ITD extraction paper: On the Extraction of ITD ...
Hannes Gamper's lecture slides: HRTF Measurement and Modeling
Ethan Geller's lecture 1 slides: HRTF Renderers
Geometric HRTF modeling: IDA
Symbolic Math: PARI

Matt Klassen