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Final Exam (open book) due by 12:00 pm, Thursday April 22
Turn in scratch work on Moodle by 1:00 pm, Thursday, April 22
Final Exam ID assignments and pdfs

Meant to give you this link for the sound of the cardinal call from the section on spectrograms:
Cornell Ornithology Lab
Go to the All About Birds button, then search for Northern Cardinal. Play the audio, and identify
the one half second piece (which the bird repeats) that appears in figure 7.2.

Final Exam Thursday, April 22, 9am-12pm

Quiz link: (perl script)
Microsoft Teams have been set up for all DigiPen classes. Please check your email and follow instructions.

Office Hours: T,W 2:00-3:00, or by appointment
Midterm Exam: Thursday, February 18
Final Exam: TBA
Quiz 1: Thursday, Jan 21
Quiz 2: Thursday, Feb 18

Allowed for Midterm Exam: One page (two sided) of notes.
Allowed for Final Exam: Two pages (two sided) of notes.

MAT321 syllabus (pdf).
MAT598 syllabus (pdf).

Course Projects:
Project 1 due March 12 (pdf)
Project 2 due April 2 (pdf)
Paper: About This Reverberation Business (pdf)
input audio file dry voice recording (Prof Schwedler) (wav)
output audio file 80/20 dry/wet, voice recording with Moorer reverb (wav)

Sample Code:
SciLab file to graph a hamming window frequency content (.sci)
same SciLab file (viewable as txt) (txt)
graph of hamming window frequency content (pdf)

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Homework Assignment 1 due Thursday, Jan 14
Homework Assignment 2 due Thursday, Jan 21
Homework Assignment 3 due Tuesday, Feb 2
Homework Assignment 4 due Tuesday, Feb 16
Homework Assignment 5 due Thursday, Mar 11
Homework Assignment 6 due Thursday, Mar 18
Email Thread on Filter response curve

Homework Submission Policy:
Homework must be submitted on Moodle, and is due by midnight on the due date.
Submission to Moodle should be in a document format such as pdf, or word doc.
Homework Late Penalty: 10% per day.

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PARI resources: PARI

Osgood lecture notes: The Fourier Transform
Oppenheim-Schafer text: Discrete-Time Signal Processing

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