MAT 351/551 - Spring 2019

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MAT351 Syllabus (pdf)
MAT551 Syllabus (pdf)

No lecture on Monday, July 15
Quiz 1: Friday, May 17
Quiz 2: Friday, June 7
Quiz 3: Wednesday, June 17

Project III due date extended: July 21 (midnight)

Final Exam: Wednesday, July 24, 12:00 in Jimbo

Note: One page of notes, 2-sided, allowed for midterm.
Two pages of notes, 2-sided, allowed for final.

Reference papers (pdf)

Course Project (pdf)

Sample Models

Homework Assignment 1 extended: due Thursday, May 16
Homework Assignment 2 due Thursday, May 23
Homework Assignment 3 extended: due Friday, May 31
Homework Assignment 4 due Friday, June 7
Homework Assignment 5 due Friday, June 28
Homework Assignment 6 extended: due Sunday, July 21

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