MAT 320 - DigiPen - Fall 2018

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Quiz 1: Tuesday, September 18
Quiz 2: Tuesday, October 2
Quiz 3: Thursday, November 8
Quiz 4: Thursday, November 15

Midterm Exam: Thursday, October 18
Bring one sheet of notes, 2-sided, calculators OK

Final Exam: TBA

MAT320 syllabus (pdf).

Homework Assignment 1 due Thursday, Sep 13
Homework Assignment 2 due Thursday, Sep 20
Homework Assignment 3 due Thursday, Oct 4
Homework Assignment 4 due Tuesday, Oct 23
Homework Assignment 5 due Thursday, Nov 15

All homework is due in the homework collection box by closing on the due date.
Homework Late Penalty: 10% per day.

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PARI resources: PARI
Fourier Transform: Osgood Notes

Current Course Projects:
Project 1 Due: Friday, September 28
Project 2 Due: Friday, October 12
Notes on DFT (pdf)
Project 3 Due: Tuesday, November 6
Notes on FFT with Bit Reversal (pdf)
Project 4 Due: Monday, November 26
Project 5 Due: Monday, December 3
Extra Credit Project 6 Due: Friday, December 7
sample filtered wav files (dir)

Sample Code:
Complex Parser (txt)
Root of Unity (txt)
Fourier Envelope (for wav file I/O) (txt)
SciLab file to graph a polynomial (.sci)
same SciLab file (viewable as txt) (txt)
Wave file header code (J Hanson) (txt)

Sample data:
Project 1 test data (txt)
Project 2 test data (txt)
Project 3 sample output (txt)
A440 plucked string filter output with R=0.99985 (wav file)

Matt Klassen