MAT 300/500 - DigiPen - Spring 2019

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Updated Office Hours: Monday 12:30-2:30, Tuesday 12:30-1:30, Wednesday 12:30-2:00

Quiz link: (perl script)

Midterm Exam: new date: Monday, Feb. 25
Final Exam: TBA

Quiz 2: Thursday, February 21

Project 1 due Tuesday, January 22, midnight (= 0:00 1/23 on Moodle)
Project 1 Corrections: Please email me and danilo.aimini, by Friday Feb.8
Project 2 due Tuesday, February 5, midnight (= 0:00 2/6 on Moodle)
Due Date Extension:
Project 3 due Thursday, February 21, midnight (= 0:00 2/19 on Moodle)

Video of lecture on 2/14/19:
Part 1: Homework 3 questions, divided difference table
Part 2: Project 3, polynomial interpolation
Part 3: Parametric polynomial curves
Part 4: Implicit forms, 5-point construction
Part 5: Tangent construction
Part 6: Example of implicit form of a quadratic Bezier curve

Allowed for Midterm Exam: One page (two sided) of notes.
Allowed for Final Exam: Two pages (two sided) of notes.

MAT300 syllabus (pdf).
MAT500 syllabus (pdf).

Previous Course Lecture Notes (pdf)

Course Project (pdf)
Extra Credit Projects (pdf)
Sample Project (exe)

Graduate Student Report due Friday April 12 (pdf)

Homework Assignment 1 due Thursday, Jan 17
Homework Assignment 2 due Thursday, Jan 31
Homework Assignment 3 due date extended to Friday, Feb 15
Homework Assignment 4 due Monday, March 4

All homework is due in the homework collection box by closing on the due date.
Homework Late Penalty: 10% per day.

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Project C# Framework (zip file)

Project Java Script Framework (zip file)

DeBoor Algorithm example (pdf)

Proof for Confluent Vandermonde Determinants (pdf).

PARI resources: PARI

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